The nitty gritty is this...

I love photography, my husband Bryan, and my baby's Noah and Mylo. We live in a farmhouse built in 1913 on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Its renovation was one of the hardest things I've ever done. Things tend to break...a lot, but we wouldn't have it any other way.  


I’ve been a photo snapper for many years, but the birth of my son pushed me to grow and learn in it in ways I hadn’t before.  

Beautiful, imperfect pictures speak to my soul,

and I believe yours too.


All this is true...

But, if you want to know more. Here’s my top ten:

  1. I'll be so excited to look at your pictures after our session that I will barely be able to contain myself as I go home and load them onto my computer. This happens after every single session without fail.

  2. Beyonce can forever do no wrong. 

  3. I love art and decorating, and photography, and paper products...but I do not love cooking, and I'm learning that's okay.

  4. I struggle to find the balance between my roles as Photographer, Wife, Momma, and Podcast Host of the Moms Who Rule the World Podcast (Shameless plug).  But, I love them all fiercely, so I fight for each of them.

  5. If I had to choose one food to eat for the rest of my life, it would be French Fries. My cholesterol would be through the roof, but I'd be willing to live with that. 

  6. Home Goods takes a lot of my money. 

  7. I get baby fever during each newborn session, but a little less baby fever when my toddler takes his diaper off in his crib. 

  8. I'll read any book written by a female comedian. If you have not read Amy Poehler's book, "Yes, Please," I highly recommend it. 

  9. My heart grows with each family I get to photograph. 

  10. I may not be the best photographer in the world or even my block, but I do absolutely love it. I love being able to share my gifts with you, to capture the ones that make your heart beat, and I think that's pretty darn important.