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The short:

I really like photography. I'm sure you could have guessed. Natural light is my jam- the pretty light that comes through the window and makes your hair glow when we're outside.


That's the good stuff.


I have one 50 mm lens and I use it every day of my life. I have a hard time hearing my husband Bryan when I'm editing- it's a zone thing. Photography is my zone. My kids are my heart. My life is so blessed and even more so if I get to meet you!

Slightly longer, but still pretty short...


I'm a NICU nurse- I started out taking care of babies that weigh two pounds- that's why I can swaddle your baby like a ninja burrito. #skills.


I don't think our session together should be too serious, because I've seen serious. Portraits are not that- even if your kid picks his nose. That picture will be hilarious in five years, trust me. Let it all be lifestyle, your life is lifestyle. 

Your perfectly imperfect love is beautiful and real.

These years are hard but so darn beautiful. Capture it.  

I used to have a top ten, but the new me likes it simple:

So here's the top four:

1. Beyonce can do no wrong, forever and ever. 

2. Comedy heals most things.

3. I also Podcast over at Moms Who Rule the World because

I can' get enough of talking to you. 

4. I live in a 1913 farmhouse on Maryland's Eastern Shore and am a borderline homebody with my camera, mic, babies, and coffee! Let's meet!