October 2, 2019

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Baby Rooney | Baltimore Newborn

November 6, 2019

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Baby Stella | Cockeysville Newborn

December 19, 2017

This little lady, Baby Stella! 


I had the pleasure of photographing baby Stella in her home in Cockeysville, Maryland. Her parents Michelle and Ron, are overjoyed to welcome her into their home.


Fun story.. Michelle, Ron, and I went to high school together! Michelle and I reconnected in the NICU where she is a Neonatologist and I am a nurse. I think we can all agree that Stella is in good hands with not just a doctor as a Momma, but a doctor that specializes in baby's. Win, win Stella.


I was thrilled to get to photograph these three and meet sweet Stella. Michelle and Ron are so full of love for this little girl, you can't help but feel it. They made my job easy and my heart full. Thank you for having me Michelle and Ron, enjoy your first Christmas as parents with the best present to date. 


Read below for Michelle's words of welcoming baby Stella:


1. Tell a little bit about your journey in pregnancy and now in Motherhood and Fatherhood?


After I told Ron I was pregnant, he thought about the time of year when she could possibly be born, and became excited that our baby may potentially be born on Halloween (his favorite holiday). I actually ended up being scheduled to be induced on 10/31, but was admitted to the hospital on 10/29, and still ended up delivering on Halloween! She is our little Pumpkin Princess. Funny enough, Ron's birthday is on Christmas, mine is on 12/23, and now we have another holiday birthday in our family. 



2. Describe meeting Stella for the first time. 


We were overjoyed when Stella came into this world. There was the potential for complications toward the end of her delivery, for which the NICU team was called to be present. However, luckily when she came out, she was able to come right to my chest, and cried without issue without needing to be assessed by the NICU team. Actually, when the OB's placed her on me, my NICU side came out and I started stimulating her by rubbing my gown on her to help her cry. I was so happy that she started crying very quickly and was nice and active. Ron and I both cried with her arrival and were bursting with happiness. 





3. How has life changed since welcoming your sweet baby?


Since Stella has come into our lives, she has become our number 1 priority. We and our family members shower her with love. We enjoy cuddling with her, reading books, singing/listening to music (especially Disney soundtracks), doing tummy time, and now playing. It's amazing how much she has changed over the last 6 weeks. She now often smiles, makes good eye contact, and can control her head much better. I love holding her over my shoulder or carrying her in a carrier and feeling her wrap her arms around me. 




On the morning of the day we were bringing Stella home from the hospital, Ron picked our dog Fuller up from the daycare center where he was boarded while we were in the hospital. When he brought him home, he gave Fuller Stella's hat and blankets to cuddle with before we brought her home. Fuller has done really well with her, and enjoys smelling her and giving her gentle kisses. Though sometimes he goes a little nutty when he has not received as much attention as he used to. We try to give him plenty of lovins and play



Finish this sentence, Welcoming baby Stella into our lives has been..


Amazing. We have loved her since we knew we were having a baby, and our love has grown every step along the way. We are so excited to see the little lady she will become and enjoy the ride along the way. 

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