October 2, 2019

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November 6, 2019

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Phoenix, Scottsdale, and all things Taco.

April 18, 2017

I have to admit I was a skeptical about taking our newly one, not so little baby on yet another long flight. A few weeks ago, Noah and I joined Bryan on a work trip to Kansas city that nearly broke us. The flight was the definition of rocky, both coming and going.  Imagine an eleven month old lunging for the Ipad of the lady in the seat next to us over and over again. I also had to wake the gentleman sitting behind us from a dead sleep to give us back a fallen pacifier, and in between those events there was a lot of crying. Loudly from Noah, and silently from Bryan and I. Things were not good and I consider myself to be a cool cucumber. Needless to say it made me nervous to think about  taking another trip. 


We had this trip planned to Arizona for Noah's first birthday and our Anniversary for quite some time. With a few weeks in between the Kansas city incident, we decided to give it another go. 


I am so glad we did! I have never been to Arizona before and didn't quite know what to expect. We were completely blown away. The mountains are absolutely incredible and are present everywhere you turn. We quickly learned that there is no shortage of amazing hiking spots. 


 The people of Arizona were so kind and so in shape! As we feebly tried to not to lose our footing on the steep mountains, others were running past us. Some going back up for a second time! One of the hikes was especially vigorous, and we turned around as it got really steep. When we made it back to the bottom a woman asked us if we made it to the part where you crawl on your hands and knee's across the boulders. We imagined us trying to accomplish that feat with Noah strapped to Bryan in his Ergo.


It is so vastly different from the east coast. To witness the amount of cactus alone is well worth the trip. Also, thanks to being on east coast time we were able to witness the beautiful Arizona sunrise multiple days in a row. Perfect! 



We had no true plan in sight, but just enjoyed the beauty of the land, the mountains, and the wonderful tacos. Diego Pop's was our favorite place, a taco shop in Scottsdale, Arizona. Noah ate an entire portion of fried plantains and probably would have eaten more. We also went to a coffee shop that had a glorious outdoor playground, genius idea! It was called the Teapot, and was even having an Easter egg hunt later that day. Lastly, we got our morning Joe from the Sip Coffee and Beer House in Scottsdale. It was complete with a yellow floral vintage sofa that I may have fallen in love with.



 The flight to and from was better than Kansas city, but still challenging. No adult, yet alone no one year old wants to sit for that length of time. We choose to still go an adventures and take our babe, and for that reason it is worth it. We are all in it together, and for this trip it was worth it big time. Also, this time I did not have to wake up any stranger from a dead sleep. So, I consider that a win. 




 Bryan asked me if he thought we would ever go back. The land of Arizona really spoke to him, and I kept jokingly asking him if he was going to stay. The answer is I am not sure! There are so many places to see in this one go around of life. However, this trip will forever be one of our favorites. Maybe when Noah is ten we will all come back together and climb the boulders on our hands and knees. 


Until the next time!



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